What We Do

The more passionately we work on your GWP, the more the creativity flows.

People have often asked us at SMX Global – where is this wellspring of overflowing creativity and passion coming from? Well, we genuinely believe what Maya Angelou says about creativity, “The more you use, the more you have”. The more passionately we work on your GWP, the more the creativity flows. Learn how you can enjoy SMX Global’s eight core offerings by top global GWP experts:


Promo planning

At SMX Global, we always start with strategizing. We do long term GWP planning (with us, it is never “just come up with a mug and mechanics of redeeming a mug”). We ensure our team understands the client’s marketing plan, gets the insights into your target audience; and then strategizes and develops an entire year’s customized GWP campaign for you.


New product development

We pride ourselves in customizing a new GWP product for you. One which does not exist in the market yet; one which people have never seen before; and most importantly, one that delights and creates lasting memories of your brand. We create everything for you from scratch, and this GWP customization probably outdoes what the ultimate gift giver - Santa - has to offer.


Creative design

Our passion for our creative work goes beyond illustration and designing - because we consider ourselves craftsmen and curators of GWP. Take for example, our Gudetama bowl for Colgate. It was custom-crafted, and localized with insights into what Malaysian's love (That’s why customers were charmed by our digitally hand-sketched nasi lemak, egg party and toast bread). We take such pride in our work that we come up with initiatives that were not even briefed in. Do we actually know how to read minds? Maybe yes, as we have such deep insights into human behaviors and we incorporate them into our work for you. In another example, we were briefed to just do a GWP lunch box with a Hari Raya theme. Again, SMX Global went further, and curated a special batik inspired theme for clients.



For ordinary GWP suppliers, “sourcing” generally means just” get the right material at the cheapest cost”. To us at SMX Global, we strategize, conceptualize, craft and curate - then finally source for the production of your GWP exactly as per your approval - based on the volume, budget, quality and timing that you require: all in perfect order. For example, we are so detailed that if your GWP comes in a wooden box, we would even search for experts who specialize in printing on wooden boxes better - so that your GWP looks beautifully crafted.


Quality assurance

For us, we perform Safety & Testing on each GWP as if our own kids were using those products. We ensure excellence in quality and this is verified by the necessary tests according to the highest standards. All the products undergo strict examination for risk identification, choking hazards, production failure, and factory audits.



Once production of your GWP products are completed, we immediately take charge of distributing them for you to wherever they are needed (It is almost as if we were Santa himself). You don’t even have to worry about storage and distribution. We will warehouse, store and distribute every gift for you.



Whatever your GWP is, we will even cover the rendering and animation - so that it comes “alive”. We ensure that it is not just another static visual. At SMX Global, we support every client’s needs for animated content. Because we know how to craft the communication to make it emotionally captivating, easy to comprehend, keep audiences engaged, and convey messages effectively - while staying on brand and fulfilling your marketing objectives.



Licensing and intellectual property are integral to our services at SMX Global. Whether it is Gudetama, the Minions, Monopoly, or Pinkfong of Baby Shark fame, just leave it to us and we will take care of the licensing for you. We will also do the negotiation & research for licensing - following it through all the way to completion with IP for every item of your merchandise.