Here’s something new staff notice that at SMX Global: there is this special energy that stimulates passion at work. And everybody, yes everybody, is a high performer. And the magic rubs off on you. Even though it is a constant high-speed, fast-paced environment, surprisingly, there is no burnout. Much of this magic happens because we are a genuinely supportive family. And the enthusiasm is delightfully infectious It attracts high performers. And the high performers keep improving further because everybody supports each other. There is also a spirit of encouragement from every member of staff, and suggestions for improvement are well-received.  

Food, Folks & Fun

This line refers not to some fast food – but to our weekly fun Friday Circle! Every Friday is “Friday Circle” day, where each staff member gets a turn (and an opportunity) to provide breakfast (yes, paid for by the company).  

So, each of us has the opportunity to share our favorite culinary delights with each other. As we enjoy our food, we are also “fed” details of company updates and progress by our colleagues. 

Passion Play 

The energy levels are so high, it even flows into our sense of fun and play in the office. Our teams give themselves names like Ironman, Hulk, Superman and Bumble Bee – and there is always time to play. What makes the fun more attractive is that our participation in the playing actually gets points from management! (Join SMX Global & find out how delightful it is) 

Training, not draining

Every 1st Saturday, staff actually look forward to training sessions, where you get “recharged” and motivated by trainers, hired and paid for by the company – helping each team member improve themselves. While training is mandatory – one is allowed to get off training in a fun way: you just have to upload silly videos of yourself exercising.  

And surprisingly, those who get official permission to be let off – often still turn up because the training is so much fun!