Our Story

A Gift.
Not An Afterthought

A Gift With Purchase (GWP) should feel like a gift, not an afterthought. When your consumers first see, touch and feel your gift with purchase in person, the reaction must be one of spontaneous delight. At SMX Global, we specialize in GWP. No, not the ” sourcing from China and giving you a list of items to choose from” kind of GWP. 

Every GWP campaign by SMX Global is conceptualized from scratch – according to your brand story. We know how much you have invested in your brand positioning and story. We appreciate how important it is to ensure that even the GWP strengthens your brand story. 

Your GWP will be one of a kind, customized for your brand. The uniqueness and relevance to your brand are of such a high level, 9 out of 10 clients rate us 10/10 for product innovation and design creativity. You will know our GWP is designed to delight your consumers when you see the speed your GWP flies off the shelves! 

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Our History

” Santa would have used us if he sold something “

It was in 2002, sitting at the corner kopitiam (no fireside for us, we don’t have a romantic story to tell) that we realized GWP should be infinitely more than the usual free plate, travel bag or plastic container. 

We were so frustrated that brands were using homes as dumping ground for “gifts” that no one uses, much less loved. We needed to do something. Santa didn’t take our call when we wanted to tap his brain on how we can improve the industry. 

Being shunned by Santa was a good thing. We retreated to our dark cold dungeon and we brainstormed and brandstormed. We came out brimming with ideas that we knew would reach out further, so we channeled our passion and formed our organization. 

Today, after countless 10/10-rated GWP campaigns, and as GWP experts, we are even more passionate. 

Our team wakes up every morning excited about the infinite opportunities to create happy memories – for millions of children, adults, mums & dads, globally. We aim to displace Santa (yes, we bear a grudge against him for not taking our call.) 

And the passion is palpable – you can feel it in our work culture, the joy & pride in our work, the can-do positivity and how things get done in a fraction of the time (Which is also why our logo is the infinity symbol. This quote: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” by the famed poet Maya Angelou is especially true for us). 

Our Story

” Get That Deal
Breaker GWP! “

Countless new GWPs are flooding market shelves every day – how do you get that deal breaker GWP that makes your consumers like & decide to add it to their shopping cart?  

We have a trade secret for that.

Creating our 10/10-rated GWP for your brand is both a science and an art. Remember that cold dark dungeon? Dark cold rooms have a way around alchemy. We absorbed it so we can help you with the GWP. 

Just give your brief & budget to our GWP experts – and we can take care of it from promo planning right up to delivery on your shelves: on brand and on time – everything in perfect order. Better than Santa can, we promise. 

You can also sign up for a course in GWP promo planning with us. Just contact us directly today.